The Animal Book Assignment

Maintain a journal of your in-depth study of the individual animal you’ve chosen, compiling narrative and visual studies, field observations and research into the animal’s cultural and natural history. Together with a web-based record of field and studio work, this journal will serve as an artifact of critical and creative inquiry. This is an ongoing, quarter-long project to be presented during Week 10, with periodic Work In Progress check-ins.

Use the spiral-bound sketchbook that you have paid for through your student fees.  Over the course of the next 7-8 weeks, make it your own.

Minimum Formal Requirements for the Animal Book:

  • An altered cover to distinguish it from everyone else’s book.
  • Title page that includes your contact information (phone # plus email) and the name of the program.
  • Table of Contents that lists all assignments and the page on which faculty can find them.
  • Clear method of organization (for example, you could color code sections and separate out assignments according to type, or put them in chronologically)
  • Index

Basic Content Requirements:

  • Introduction to Animal including your decision process (why this animal?)
  • Observation Site Map/Diagram
  • Description of habitat
  • Written permission of owner/guardian if your observations are of an animal on private property.

Weekly Requirements:

  • Conduct at least 3 hours of direct observation including written and visual notes on animal appearance and activity. Weekly observation may be accomplished in single or multiple sessions, but each session must last at least a ½ hour.
  • Reflective Writing

As Assigned:

Images and Drawings:

  • Rhetorical/Non-Rhetorical Images
  • Comparative Morphology drawings: structural studies including skeletal (or exo-skeletal depending on the species) and skull studies
  • Drawings from life made during 3 different observation sessions.
  • Character studies.

Creative Writing:

Visual & Written Research:

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