Drawing and Animation

Assignments in drawing and animation were designed to strengthen observational skills and create opportunities for exploring different approaches to the representation of animals in animation.

Resources for students:
Below are various items that you might find useful as you’re working on your drawing, animation and Animal Book assignments for this quarter.

Jungle Book pencil tests: These are sequences on the Living Lines Library blog that were animated by Milt Kahl, one of the animation directors on The Jungle Book.  Pencil tests are animated sequences in-progress, before being inked and painted.  As a result, they can reveal a lot about how the animation was done.  Of special interest on this page is a series of keyframes of part of King Louis’ dance.

Eadweard Muybridge animal locomotion photography:  These sequences, shot in the late 19th century, are still a primary source for artists learning how to animate animal motion.

Julia Potts: Her film “My First Crush” animates animal characters to audio interviews about different people’s first loves.  Is this anthropomorphism or zoomorphism?

Animal Farm characters: Model sheets and sketches for a few of the Animal Farm characters.