Cultural Research

The influence of animal others in human culture is evident in all realms of human culture. They occur as symbols, in myth, in fables, in advertising, as satirical characters, as historical catalysts. They have influenced human development in countless ways.Using at least 12 different sources, identify intersections of human culture with your animal of inquiry. Be inventive about how to represent these in your Animal Book: use a cluster chart, a flow chart, a timeline, a collage, a map, whatever makes sense of the information and the story that it tells about the animal you are studying in relation to human culture.

Cite your sources and include bibliographic information in your Animal Book.

Examples of how to approach this assignment:

The mosquito represents the fear of pandemic (malaria, West Nile Virus)—what is the history of this association? How does this fear recognizable in representations of the mosquito?

The word “bitch” is commonly used a pejorative term for a human female even though its original meaning (female dog) is still in common usage—when did this start and who started it? What does it say about human attitudes toward dogs and women?

Horses are not indigenous to North America, but are both an icon of “The American West” and an important part of Native American culture. How and when did they arrive on this continent? How and why did they become so culturally significant?

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