Observational Drawing

Observational Drawing Assignments for your Animal Book:

1) Take 2-4 pages to draw the major skeletal structures of your animal that includes the skull, spinal column, fore and hind appendages, pelvic and scapula bones.*  If non-vertebrate, draw the main structures of the whole body.  Indicate scale.  These are due by the week 4 Animal Book WIP check in.

2) Use another 1-2 pages to make drawings that compare the most significant structural differences between your animal and two other animals. These are due by the week 4 Animal Book WIP check in.

3) Spend a minimum of three half hour sessions drawing your animal from life using a combination of gesture and contour techniques.  These are due by week 7 (May 14th).

*Look in Goldfinger’s Animal Anatomy for Artists, on open reserve in the library or available as an e-text from the library web site, for images of skeletons of your animal.  There are a number of on-line resources and books in the library that also might be useful.  You can also check the Natural History Collection for specimens (database on moodle) and go there during open hours to draw them.

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