eBestiary Guidelines

Each of you will create a page in the eBestiary for your animal. The content of the page should be drawn directly from your Animal Book and from your animated work for the program.

The eBestiary Wranglers will be available to help answer questions and facilitate your work. The Proofreaders and Citation Whizzes will be identifying—not fixing—grammatical and MLA formatting issues.

You will need to coordinate with these support teams, meet program deadlines, and take advantage of scheduled opportunities during Weeks 8 & 9 for collaborative work and faculty consultation. Stay tuned for these dates and times!

Minimum eBestiary Page Content

  • Animal’s Common Name
  • Binomial
  • Introduction to your animal – information taken from animal book
  • Images you made of your animal
  • Images you found (include citations)
  • Natural History Info
  • Cultural History Info
  • Creative Writing and/or “Reflective Writing” from observation sessions
  • Excerpts from Observation Notes
  • At least one Animation Project representing your animal
  • Citations for all text and imagery that you did not create yourself.

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