Visual Research

As we have seen, representations of animal others are prevalent across cultures and throughout time. For this element of your Animal Book, find:

  • The earliest human-made image you can of the animal of your focused inquiry,
  • A contemporary image, and
  • 3-6 additional images that present a diverse view of the animal—diverse in terms of rhetorical perspective, period, or culture.
  • Include reproductions of these images in your Animal Book. All images must be appropriately cited with image source and author, as well as the dimensions of the original work, the date it was created, brief description, and the medium/a of the original.

Write reflectively about each image, bringing personal and critical perspective to it.

If you have difficulty finding images of the animal you are studying, widen your research to include its closest phylogenetic relative. For example, if you are studying a scrub jay, go as far back as you can, search as widely as you can, then try to go further back and wider looking for other members of the Cordivae family, which includes crows and ravens.

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