Rhetorical/Non-Rhetorical Images

Conduct visual research about the animal of your focused inquiry.

This assignment is part of ongoing visual research that you will work on independently throughout the quarter. Eventually, you will have assembled at least eight images of the animal of your focused inquiry, each representing a distinct perspective: culturally, rhetorically, technically, and/or historically.

Engage with the ways that visual representations reflect and inform attitudes about the animal you are studying, now and in the past.

Content Requirements

  • This week, find two images of the animal you are studying (not the exact same animal, but of the same species or as close to the same species as possible). One image should be highly rhetorical, the other as close to non-rhetorical as you can find.
  • Include a proper MLA citation for each image.
  • Include a description of the image, using the literary present tense. Describe what is represented: the composition, the colors, the shapes, any text elements, the relative positions of various elements. Notice the background and foreground. Where is the animal in the compositional field?
  • List any and all text.
  • List the medium/a.
  • Include the dimensions of the piece.

Formatting Requirements

  • These a part of your Animal Book, and so should be formatted in a way to fit in the Animal Book on facing pages, so that when you open the book flat, you can see both images.
  • The description for each image should fit on the same page as the image. It may be written by hand—legibly—if this is a choice you are making about the overall look and feel of your book.
  • If at all possible, create a true-to-color reproduction: if the original is in color, so should your reproduction be; if the original is black and white….

Monday, April 16th, 10:00am, in your Animal Book, for peer critique.

Additional Information:

  • Visit: owl.english.purdue.edu for complete information on correct citation guidelines.
  • Scanners are available in the Library and in the Computer Center. There is often a line, don’t wait until the last minute.
  • The only color printer available for your use is in the CAL (Computer Applications Lab) on the first floor of Lab II. When you arrive, let them know you are with this program. This printer is only for program-related use. Upload your formatted images to your Orca cubby in the finished size and format. Do not do any formatting or editing work on the CAL computers. Come prepared.

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