Week 1 papers: Battin_et_al_2007_pnas & Bachelet_et_al_2011_nw_science, How to read a scientific paper, and Week 1 Writing Assignment gCORE

Atwood, Kay. Chaining Oregon. McDonald and Woodward Publishing, 2008.

Goble, Dale, and Paul W. Hirt. Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples:  Readings in Environmental History. Washington State University Press, 1999.

Luoma, Jon R. The HiddenForest. Henry Holt 9780805064483

Jackson, Philip L., and A. Jon Kimerling. Atlas of the Pacific Northwest. Oregon State University Press, 9th edition, 2003.

Worster, Donald. Nature’s Economy:  A History of Ecological Ideas.  Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition, 1994.

Crosby, Alfred. Children of the Sun. WW Norton. 9780393931532. NOTE: this book is currently out of print: we will use only selected chapters, and these will be posted on the web for your fair use only (as per copyright law).  You might be able to get a used copy of the book over the web.

Additional readings, as assigned, will generally be available from the program web site, in the weekly schedule, for the week assigned.


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