Week 5 – Oct 25 & 27


  •     BioConservation (T. Quinn) – postponed
  •     On reading Wooster – Historical (Martha), Philosophical (Judy), Ecological (Carri) Contexts
  •     More on Ecological Principles (CL)
  •     HJA Field Data – QA/QC and Metadata (JBC & CL).
  •              Notes for Judy’s short Lecture last week Here.
  •              Example Data Table for HJA Dataset CF002 Long-term stream chemistry concentrations and fluxes (see CF002  ; data are Here (download, do not view!)
  •              Spreadsheet template set up for you with worksheets for data and metadata Here (download, do not view!).  When you upload it to the moodle, be sure to replace NAME on the filename your last names!
  •     Seminar – Worster, Parts 1-3


  • 6pm:  Internship Announcement (David Giglio, WA DFW)
  •              Lecture:  Environmental Policy (C. Partridge)
  • 8pm: Zotero Workshop (Lib 2617 and/or 2619)  

Reading (due Tuesday):  Worster, Parts 1-3.

Assignments due Tuesday in class :

  • Seminar preparation, answer the Three Questions (1-5 sentences each, one page max) and bring hard copy.
  •  Portfolio (some advice here; the checklist here)
  • The data tables ONLY for the Quantitative Data Assignment entered into a spreadsheet (directions for the full assignment  here);  See below *** for what is due next Tuesday, in class.  The full assignment is due Tuesday, November  1.

Assignments due Thursday in class :  Nothing to hand in is due, but you should take time between Tuesday and Thursday to work on your personal (read: professional) web page.  please also email your seminar faculty the url for your web page.  In preparation for the Zotero workshop Thursday evening, you might also think about starting your own professional bibliography that you will maintain during your time as a graduate student (and beyond),  what format you prefer for citations, and if the word processor you use can generate/maintain bibliographies and/or citations. 

Peer reviews of two other papers are due to the authors by Thursday (for Carri’s Seminar).  Judy’s seminar 3-person teams will decide amongst themselves when they will respond to each others’ papers.

Faculty will work hard to get your papers back with faculty comments by Thursday as well.

Revision of 3-page Seminar Paper due NEXT Thursday in class (deferred one week – until Thursday Nov. 3) .

Other Events:


***What is due Tuesday, Oct. 25 for quantitative Data Assignment:  For your data spreadsheet, transcribe the headers from the data intake forms that Mark supplied and that your group filled in.  If you have two kinds of ‘tables’ (aka “entities”), then create two separate data worksheets (tables) in your spreadsheet.  Note that you probably did not fill in all columns for the spreadsheet when you were in the field.  Even if they are empty, you should recreate the worksheet exactly as you see it on the intake form.  Your spreadsheet file should be named as per the name of the data intake form with you last name appended (e.g., L402A-understory-Plot 1-yourLastName.

PLEASE BRING HARD COPY (printout) of your data table(s) to class TUESDAY!




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