ESS News

Here is the current ESS schedule (draft of Dec. 8).

Here is the ESS Assignment for Winter Break.

The Writing Center tutor assigned to graduate programs is:  Amanda Jenkins, (360) 867-6420,

As of December 8, below is the ESS book list for Winter 2012 ESS.  This list is in the order the material is assigned.  Note that the list below comprise major reading assignments, but that additional scientific articles will be assigned (and posted on the web).

  1. Walker & Salt:  Resilience Thinking
  2. Meadows, Thinking in Systems
  3. Kurlanski, Cod
  4. Wilkinson, Messages from Frank’s Landing
  5.  Boldt Decision .  A “printer friendly” version (fewer pages, same text) is here.
  6. possibly:  Goble & Hirt, Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples, Ch. 7
  7. Klare:  Rising Power, Shrinking Planet:  The new geopolitics of energy
  8. Hulme, Why we disagree about global climate change
  9. Deb Peters and Steve Carpenter (eds), Front Ecol Environ 2008; 6(5), Special Issue on Connectivity

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