Week 6 – Nov 1 & 3


  •     Public Perceptions of Science (MH, CL, JBC); See Kovacs et al. 2006 if interested in this topic.
  •     Finalizing the HJA Field Data (JBC & CL)


  •  HJA data tables and metadata….(carri)
  • The 3 midterm questions (fac)
  • More about the Climate Change Attitudes Project (judy)
  • A little about the Science of Climate Change (judy)
  • Working Groups:  2-3 most critical impacts concerning Water, Energy, Agriculture, Salmon, Forests, Coasts, Urban Stormwater Infrastructure, or Human Health (all)
  • The Six Americas and how to think about the interviews you will do….  HSR, Informed Consent, Confidentiality, etc.   (judy)
  • Q&A, especiallydiscussions of relevant paper topics…. and results of the library research

Reading (due Tuesday):  Worster, Parts 4 & 5

Reading (due Thursday):  The Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment (WACCIA), Climate Impacts Group, 2009.  On their web page, scroll down to bottom of the web page until you see The WACCIA Report).  This report is quite long – 414 pages; 138 MB.  Read at least:  overview, Scenarios, Adaptation,  and at least TWO of:  Water, Energy, Agriculture, Salmon, Forests, Coasts, Urban Stormwater Infrastructure, Human Health.   You might also be interested in Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments

Assignments due Tuesday in class :

  •  Seminar preparation, answer the Three Questions (1-5 sentences each, one page max) and bring hard copy
  •  Full HJA Quantitative Data Assignment entered into a spreadsheet and uploaded to the moodle.  Turn in ONE spreadsheet per team.

Assignments due Thursday in class :

  • Revision of 3 page Seminar Paper
  • Climate Change Annotated Bibliography:  For 2-3 of the most interesting bibliographic items you have found on the topic:  Public Attitudes towards Climate Change , write a 1-3 sentence praecis of the main point or theme of that item.  Cite that item and include it in a bibliography, using the ECOLOGY Journal (or another of your choice) citation style.  Preferably, you will complete this assignment using Zotero.  Please post this on the Moodle Site (under Term Project), and bring hard copy to class.

Other Events:

  • Tuesday, November 1, 5-5:45, Lab 1, Room 3033.  Grant writing workshop.
  • Thursday, November 3, 5-5:45, Lab 1, Room 3033. PhD Workshop.

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