Week 8 – Nov 15 & 17


  • Lecture on Energy (John Perkins), who will also address his qualitative research on energy
  • Workshop on Interviewing (Practice Sessions, Tips, and Finalizing the Questions!), with guests Kirsten Winters and Nina Carter
  • Assignment of Interviewees to Students and Distribution of Interview Materials


  • Lecture on Energy Policy (Alan Hardcastle)
  • Short Take-Home Exam (due Thu Dec. 1) available here. Remember 500 words per question – max!
  • Advice about Interviews and Interview Analysis
  • Seminar
  • During seminar, a discussion of paper topics.  If you want faculty feedback, email her and/or bring to class a hardcopy of what you have posted to the moodle (see below – assignments due Thursday) – sooner is better!

Reading (due Tuesday):

Reading (due Thursday):  Readings on Energy.

  • Selections of the posted excerpts from:  Keith C. Petersen River of Life, Channel of DeathRead at least Chronology, Ch. 9 (Epilogue and Prologue are optional)
  • Alfred W. Crosby Children of the SunRead at least Preface, Parts One and Two.
  • Atlas pp 101-114


Due Tuesday in class :

  • Come prepared with questions about the Interview Process.
  • Also, if neither you nor your partner has a digital recording device, call Media Loan 360-867-6253  to reserve one for your interview.  You will need only one for each pair of students.  Remember to pick up the device within one hour of your reservation or they will cancel it!

Due Thursday in class :

  • Seminar preparation, answer the Three Questions (1-5 sentences each, one page max) and bring hard copy.
  • Post your term paper topic to the moodle and check out (and comment on!) ideas for papers that others have posted (Place to post topic is “Topic 2 Term Project”, which is highlighted as the Current Topic!)

Upcoming Events:

  • Thu Nov 17, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Farm tour starts at 3 p.m.  Where: the new Sustainable Agriculture Lab Building at the Organic Farm (only a short 7 minute stroll from main campus via your selection of the two paths that lead to the Farm). Bring your headlamp or flashlight for the return trip (if you plan to stay past 4:15)!
  • Thu Nov 17, 4:30-5:30pm, MES Thesis Presentation – Lisa Belleveau: Determining how soil salinity and tidal inundation influence the distribution, species diversity and growth of salt marsh vegetation: Implications for the restoration of the Nisqually Delta, Washington

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