Week 2 – Oct 4-6

Tuesday:  12 noon – 7pm Afternoon field trip to Joint-Base-Lewis-McChord (JBLM).

Prairie ecology and restoration (bring work clothes, gloves, water, food, rain gear, field guides).  Leave from campus at noon!  Transportation will be provided.   Meet in the C Parking Lot, near Sem 2, along the sidewalk BY NOON.  If you don’t know where that is, or it is raining hard, meet in Lab I 1st floor Lobby by 11:50, and we will walk to the bus together.

Video of Prescribed Prairie Burn, TNC, Zumwalt Prairie, OR.  5 minute video of a 400 acre, 2.5 hour, burn (photo taken once every 5 seconds).  Although this is a facebook video, You do not need to be registered on Facebook to view it.

If you must miss the field trip, this is the alternate assignment. Please choose 3 papers from the Special Issue of Northwest Science. Please read the papers fully then write a one-page paper that discusses the commonalities among them. Try to synthesize the material – don’t just summarize each paper, but come up with a topic that links them. When you cite material from each paper, please include a citation (e.g., Smith et al. 200x). On a separate page please include the bibliographic entries for each paper using a standard format of your choosing. This assignment will be due in class on Thursday along with your seminar paper. Since the rest of the class is spending about 7 hours on the field trip, this assignment should both compensate for that time and allow you to learn more about prairie ecosystems.


  • Lecture:  Field notes & Qualitative Data: Investigating New Landscapes (MH)
  • HJA Field Trip Organization
  • Seminar on Chaining Oregon (Atwood).

Reading (due Thursday):  Chaining Oregon (Atwood)

Assignments (due Thursday in class):

  • Seminar preparation:  Answer the Three Questions (1-5 sentences each, one page max) and bring hard copy to seminar (to hand in).  You could use the Template.

Other Events:

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