Week 4 – Oct 18 & 20 (DRAFT)

Class Activities:

Tuesday:  No Class, due to last week’s field trip!  If you have photos, please put them on the gcore fileshare field trip and Judy will post some on our web site! \\Orca\programs\gcore\Workspace\Photos-HJA


  • Ecology Observatories, Data Archives & Metadata (judy)
  • Salmon, Rivers and Riparian Zones: salmon_&_rivers-notes (Carri)


  • Atlas of the Pacific Northwest (Jackson & Kimerling),  p. 69-91 (review)
  • for Seminar:  Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples (Goble & Hirt) Ch 12-14.

Assignments (due Thursday):

  1. A 3-page paper, on a topic of your choice from Goble & Hirt (ch. 1-6 and 12-14).  Paper should be 1.5 spaced, 10-11 point font, with a title, references, and page numbers.  Your name and seminar leader should be single spaced in top right corner of page 1.   Your revision of this paper will be due Week 6, after you have had feedback from faculty and perhaps other students.
  2. Field notes from the HJA field trip (or your alternative assignment if you did not attend the field trip) ARE due on this day.
  3. The alternate assignment (for those who did not attend HJA field trip; see Week 3 schedule).

What is NOT due this week:

  1. You need NOT “answer the Three Questions” for that seminar! 
  2. You need NOT review of two others’ papers (put off until Week 5)

Other Events:

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