Week 3 – Oct 11 and 13-15


  • Constructued Landscapes (MH)
  • HJA Field Trip Final Organization: Ecological Observatories (JBC)
  • Seminar on Goble & Hirt Ch 1-6 (all faculty)

Thursday 8am through Saturday 6pm:  Field Trip to HJ Andrews LTER Site.  Please see  Field Trip Information  and Itinerary. Check out our poem here: HJA poem and the movie version of our poem here: hja_poem_movie

Final  Information Sheet and Itinerary will be posted above by Tuesday, October 11.

Meet in the C Parking Lot, near Sem 2, along the sidewalk BY 7:30 am.

Transportation will be provided, but your student account will be assessed$100 for food, lodging, entry fees to museum, etc.  You will be refunded some $$$$ if we do not spend all this (which is likely). 

Contact your seminar leader if this fee is a financial hardship for you; we will try to provide some help. 

Reading (due Tuesday):

  • Atlas of the Pacific Northwest (Jackson & Kimerling),  p. 1-91
  • Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples (Goble & Hirt) Ch 1-6

Reading (due Thursday, for seminar on Field Trip):  The Hidden Forest (Luoma)


  1. due Tuesday in class :  Seminar preparation (Goble& Hirt), answer the Three Questions (1-5 sentences each, one page max) and bring hard copy.
  2. due Thursday on field trip:  Seminar preparation (Luoma), answer the Three Questions (1-5 sentences each, one page max) and bring hard copy.

Alternate Assignment for those NOT going to HJA (due Thursday Oct. 20):  Alternate assignment (click OK several times if an error message appears – it should eventually open up).

Other Events:

  • 4-5pm – MESA 1st quarterly meeting.  Grad Lounge, Lab I 3rd Floor.
  • Tuesday, 5-5:45 – local organizations present volunteer and internship opportunities:Sustainable South Sound Mason Conservation District/Kennedy Creek/South Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, South Sound GREEN Water Watcher, ThurstonCounty Solid Waste, NW Ecobuilding Guild. Lab 1, room 3033 (outside Gail’s office, first classroom in hallway).

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