A field project of As Poetry Recycles Neurons – The Evergreen State College
Fall, Winter, Spring 2012-2013

This document summarizes and organizes in one place your assignments for our month-long field study. As noted in the published program description:  “During winter quarter we’ll experience and articulate specific forms of consciousness and language in relation to a particular passion. One of us might want to explore Gerard Manley Hopkins’ love of bluebells and windhovers in relationship to his poetry, or create a poetic world around a passion for sport or to experience how fantasy sports are a poetic world. One of us might immerse herself in the biodynamic rhythms of chocolate sustainably farmed, or listen for the resonance between silence and sound in YoYo Ma’s performance of Bach’s Cello Suite #1 in G. The methodology of our field study will aspire to that of 18 th C poet and civil engineer, Novalis for whom “knowledge and creation were united in a wondrous mutual tie.” Writing in response to our field studies will take the form of reciprocal creations such as in Melissa Kwasny’s Reading Novalis in Montana”  and the poems of Wallace Stevens and Pattiann Rogers discussed in class. During the spring quarter students chose to develop some aspect of their winter quarter field study or to explore a new field study or individual research project

Field Study Overview

Resources for student contributors: