Ag – Week 5 Log

February 11th

x hour – reading
x hours – journaling about the relationship between music, notes and my hands
x hours – interviewing pianist at a church

February 12th

2 hours – derive – take note of things I was drawn to
1.5 hours – journaling – crafting notes into poem


This week: 8 hours

Cumulative total: 48 hours

Reading List:

  • The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture
  • The Secret Teachings of Plants
  • Beyond the Body Proper: Reading the Anthropology of Material Life
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One thought on “Ag – Week 5 Log

  1. williasa

    NOTE: The template provided here under “Ag – Week 5 Log” is the example designed by students in class (and posted by Amy Greene) to provide a model for your weekly log of hours, activities, and reading list. If you are expecting 16 credits for your work this quarter, you need to log 40 hours of work each week. This ratio of 16 credits = 40 hours of work applies on and off campus for any program. Why? 16 credits is considered full-time study. Each week’s log should be posted by Monday PM midnight of the subsequent week. E.g., Wk 5 log (with activities and reading list for your specific field study) is due by Monday PM midnight of wk 6. Your final wk 8 log is due Monday PM midnight of wk 9.


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