There are similarities I find with others who are teachers such as the desire to construct and share the arts passionately. The artists who have influenced me with their application of patience in the art of origami include Tomoko Fuse, Robert J. Lang, Vincent Palacio, Kunihiko Kasahara, and John Montroll. Where does their patience come from? There tends to be an application of resourcefulness throughout the constructive process. Ultimately, a mixed media artist is envisioned when seeing and hearing Howe’s work and this vision is what my work will strive to provide. Her work titled “The Midnight” will be my guide as this essay develops. The media I will use shall include pictures, collage-like poetry pieces, and narratives to describe the sections much like introductions of myself through the work. Although usually designated for pictorial sketches, bound lineless paper becomes a space to share for visual arts of the imagination in with words. Rules are guidelines to follow for ease of communicating ideas and can be amended just as basic art techniques create a template with room for variations by the project designer. Diseases have their own rules for me to follow in order to stay in the best of health. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, or Lupus for short, has been the primary disease and rules I, from childhood have tried to defy. Sometimes these trials were in my favor, reducing the intense levels of medication while others have brought multiple near death experiences. How these experiences with the disease evoked my own sensations to write this narrative will be through a compilation of prose and poetry. “Literary sketchbooks” emerge with Howe’s use of the paper. My various uses of paper are my means of an outlet in response to Lupus; my Midnight. She continues drawing and printing mediums to convey her transition of thoughts to words and words to images with her audience. As I draw from my consciousness, I will try to trace with words, along with images, the practice of intertextually writing. Allusions will primarily be about the positive aspects of patience which has brought me this far and is the premise for this paper.  I call this, Patience for Life with Lupus.

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