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UPDATED 2.18 In addition to poetry, writing in response to our field studies will take the form of Craig Holdrege’s “Doing Goethean Science.” (See moodle for a pdf of this text and Holdrege’s website The Nature Institute As during the fall quarter, you will be
creating your own version of Holdrege’s “Doing Goethean Science” using as a supporting text Stephen Buhner’s The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature and/or other original genius versions of Holdrege and Buhner as represented in fall quarter students’ “Doing Goethean Science” papers posted on the eAlphabet. That is, while these texts provide a structure and methodology for your winter quarter field study, student experiences during the fall quarter and their leadership during our January work sessions will shape the exact specifications and variations on their themes for the winter quarter paper.

Update: See the moodle NEWS FORUM for 1)Marisa and Thorey’s plan re: our program anthology, which is linked with 2) a revised option for the Holdrege term paper based on your field studies. Option: Structure your paper by addressing the 7 processes of delicate empiricism discussed by Holdrege on pages 29-33. Let the rest of the paper go, if you would like. Page length requirement: 5-7 double-spaced pages. Due: Monday 1 pm, wk 9. Bring two copies for peer review to CRC 314. See moodle for term paper peer review and editing process.