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Time log week 10

5/27 – Monday
3 hours – writing/compiling poetry
2 hours – wrote a song
2 hours – preparing and sharing food
1.5 hours – played piano, listened to a sweet jam session

5/28 – Tuesday
1.5 hour – bike ride :)
1 hour – preparing and giving my final presentation
3.5 hours – struggling to edit videos
1 hour – pulling Bermuda grass

5/29 – Wednesday
1 hour – run to creek
.5 hour – time logging
.5 hour – Ace visit to grab brackets for my bike
1 hour – tour of the food Co-op
3 hours – fixing up my bike at an amazing bike collective called ‘Bike 4th’
.5 hour – learning about the Cafe Gratitude method of clearing

5/30 – Thursday – This day I messed a bunch of shit up.
1.5 hour – running and exploring
2.5 hours – organizing and expanding my blog
4 hours – writing my self-evaluation for class (I found out when I finished that I had not done the assignment the way my teacher had asked my class to)
2 hours – sharing another meal with the residents of N-Street Community

5/31 – Friday
3 hours – redoing the self evaluation
3 hours – working on movie stuff – I got my first video posted! :)
3 hours – hanging out on the town, there was a “Food Truck Rodeo” and a party at the bike collective – Bike 4th – where I did my first silk screening ever!

6/1 – Saturday
6 hours – re-writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
It was just too hot to do anything else.

6/2 – Sunday
4.5 hours – biking to Sacramento, checking out the capitol, riding along the American River
3 hours – connecting with the only other solo, female cyclist I’ve met on my journey
3 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science,’ including compiling time logs

55 hours

Time log week 9

5/20 – Monday
2 hours – Massage and Reiki Trade (a little cycle of skill exchanging)
4 hours – preparing and sharing food with a beautiful community of people. Monday nights, “Late but Great!”
2 hours – going through all my stuff, I no longer need all my cold-weather gear; transitioning with the cycles of the seasons

5/21 – Tuesday
5 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
2 hours – time logging
1 hour – picking cherries
1 hour – community dinner

5/22 – Wednesday
1 hour – run; movement
1 hour – playing piano
5 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
1 hour – community dinner

5/23 – Thursday
6 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
1 hour – yoga on roof!
1 hour – attended a community dinner in a neighborhood called ‘N Street’ where they took down all their fences and created common space, gardens, and walkways where the back yards used to be
1 hour – check-ins at meeting at Sunwise
1 hour – writing poetry

5/24 – Friday
2 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
3 hours – the inauguration of the Compassion Corner, tour of Davis
3 hours – seeing the Honey Drops (a band from the Bay area) and dancing!

5/25 – Saturday – farm visit
2 hours – driving through a landscape that does not follow the natural cycles of the earth: Monoculture
1.5 hour – farm tour
4 hours – moving dirt, using a jackhammer, digging a pooper
1 hour – hiking down to the creek and swimming
2 hours – preparing and sharing food
1.5 hours – making music!

5/26 – Sunday – return to Davis
2 hours – bike ride to a bee sanctuary, and to Putah Creek to watch the last beads of sunlight drip down beyond the mountains. There were river otters too!


Bachelard week 8

“They [the neurological conceptions of personhood] have argued that the human brain… is evolved for a collective form of life… and the formation of groups both small and large to pursue common aims.”
Rose, N. Abi-Rached, J., 2012. Neuro: the new brain sciences and the management of the mind. Princeton University Press. (pg 226)


“She says the tree
Is stationary and multitudinous in her chest, untouched
And skeletal, almost like metal, in its network against the sky.”

Rogers, Pattiann, 1940 – The tattooed lady in the garden. Wesleyan University Press. (p. 15)

Each body has many deep and unyielding roots

that reach to the earth, whether the eyes can see the branches’

silhouette against the dewy sky,

or its forces are hidden in spectral starlight of spirit. The patient arches

of these unfurling footsteps

begin to braid together,

finding, as they join, their common direction

which is slowly unwinding

in an ever widening spiral

which reaches out into the neuronal hands,

seeking to touch, and be held

in the rivers caught in sharp relief

that flow through butterflies’ wings as they soar

over eyes to show the branching

fractals innate on the earth, and in the trees

and in each fire filled body that creates

and destroys, and are created and destroyed

on the skin of the planet which heaves and rolls

its life blood underfoot to remind all beings with roots

of the finite blessing of this time, and this space.

Time log week 8

Monday – BB
3 hours – hiking to white bear mine, finding peace in a place ravaged by greed and lack of forethought

2 hours – hiking up to the gulch – a high point on a ridge overlooking the valley where black bear is seated

3 hours – again lost is both appreciating and feeling frustrated with no one giving me direction, and not knowing how to find that direction within myself

Tuesday – ride from BB

.5 hour – starting a fire in the ditch oven, the only fire lit during the day

1 hour – milking goats

2 hours – saying goodbye to people, getting contact information, gathering scattered pieces

3 hours – driving back towards civilization, dropped off in Orleans, talking about cycles in relationships and the power, advantages and disadvantages of polyamory

1 hour – meeting people at a little store I the mountains, trying to find a ride

2 hours – back in the saddle

.5 hour – appreciating a rainbow with a fellow traveler

2 hours – being welcomed into a generous person’s home, experiencing a fire ceremony, talking about astrology and all the cycles that exist within that paradigm

Wednesday –

3 hours – weeding, shoveling bark, beautifying the garden

1.5 hours – reconnecting with internet

2 hours – reconnecting with my parents, helping to ground them and calm them down

2 hours – reconnecting with school work, working on time logs, poetry, sem passes

Thursday – hitching
8 hours – hitch hiking; a cycle of standing and trusting, and feeling people’s energy as they pulled over to see if I needed a ride. I got a ride from 2 construction guys, and then caught a ride to Mad River – middles of nowhere with this cool farmer dude named Quin, and chilled with him and his friends

Friday – Catching a ride to Chico

5 hours – hitching

4 hours – taking it really easy, appreciating part of the cycle of birth and death – seeing and holding a baby

Stood in the middle of nowhere for 2 hours, turned down 4 short rides, and then, miraculously, got a ride all the way from Mad River to Chico. One Ride. it was crazy awesome – this cool guy, Bill, from Kentucky picked me up  in his rental car, and we talked about farming and food and how to live life, and we saw a coyote, half a dozen deer, and a baby brown bear. Stayed with Katie and Aren and their sweet 3 week old baby :)

Saturday – chico to yuba city

5 hours – back on the bike, straight into the wind

2 hours – sleeping and dozing, exploring the line between conscious and unconscious

2 hours – refueling my body which I am so deeply grateful for, with food lovingly prepared by two lovely people – Rick and Sharon who hosted me in Yuba City

Sunday –

5 hours – ride to Davis

2.5 hours – non-violent communication workshop at the collective house called Sunwise where I’m staying this week

3 hours – connecting with the beautiful people and plants of this place

1 hours – completing the order portion of the cycle of creativity – dishes and stacking pots and beautifying the garden

2 hours – catching a bee swarm! which is an incredible part of the life cycle of a hive

68 hours

Time log – week 7

Monday – from rest stop to Arcata co-op

5 hours – cycling on my bicycle, in movement, maintaining momentum

3 hours – refueling, buying food for the next week, wandering around a huge co-op in awe… Entirely loosing momentum

5 hours – doing my first hitch hiking since March

I heard of a commune called black bear from an awesome woman at the Arcata co-op. While I was hitch hiking, some sweet people gave me a ride all the way to a great campsite… where I heard footsteps approaching at 2 in the morning… Probably a coyote

Tuesday – forks of salmon, camping in the winderness

5 hours – bicycling

3 hours – wandered on elk paths

2 hours – fighting impatience and desperation

I had been traveling for 5 days without stopping for a day, and just wanted to get to Black Bear, and my impatience kept me from getting there – I stopped too soon! And it didn’t feel safe to continue on that evening, it was so hard to keep myself from hitting the trail and getting there, but I gained a really good perspective between this day and the next about how much impatience can impede forward movement. I also learned that when I become desperate my decisions become considerably less safe.

Wednesday – Indian creek hike
5 hours on deer paths – got in touch with my deer nature, and some of my deer fear

1 hour – bicycling, getting my pride to chill

3 hours – acupuncture, talking with the locals, connecting with people on a heart level

Thursday – Black Bear

2 hours – Hiking the 5 or 6 mile hike up to this awesome, super fantastic commune!

2 hours – on a hike looking for and harvesting oyster mushrooms! We found so many, and we got to learn about a bunch of other other plants and their medicinal uses along the way :)

2 hours – wandering around in the woods, meditating and swimming at a waterfall

2 hours – hanging out in the garden, mulching

3 hours – connecting with people about this beautiful remote place nestled in a Mountain valley in Northern California

Friday – BB

1.5 hours – milking goats, the beginning of the cycle of the day

1.5 hours – run along forest service road, exploring new spaces

3 hours – cycling between action and indecision, restless movement and restless stillness

2 hours – eating food, doing dishes, a cycle of creating beauty and chaos, and then returning order

.5 hour – eating rocky road ice cream and gummy in the middle of the woods

Saturday – BB

2 hours – connecting with new friends, saying goodbye already to some

2 hours – learning to pan for gold! Gaining new skills and connecting with people in community

2.5 hours – women’s group meeting, exposing to my perceptions some of the subterranean cycles of relationships and harmony in this community

2 hours – weeding, mulching, planting melons in melon mounds

1 hour – gathering greens

Sunday – BB
2 hours – milking goats- beginning the cycle of the day

3 hours – weeding in the garden, beginning and re-beginning and cycle of life and death in this oil that supports so much life in this community

3 hours – community meeting

during this meeting I learning more about the underlying structure of this seemingly structureless place, feeling within myself the waves of intensity and ease as community members spoke, noticing patters in topics and ideas being expressed, and feeling fully the importance of completing the cycle of speaking and being fully heard before beginning the next cycle.

65 hours

The light of the storm – Poetry week 7

The rain it pours
and the lightning lashes.
Each season comes
and each season passes.

The cycle of life,
the cycle of death,
neither will stop,
neither will rest.

The tree, it stands tall.
The branches, they sway.
The tree, it teaches
we can all be this way.

I stand in shelter,
still in the rain.
is nature’s pain.

And, just the same,
is nature’s light.
Through lacy wings
air finds its delight.

Cathedrals of fractals

Cathedrals of fractals

The new sapphire glass glows in petals of iridescent fractals
refracting into the spirals of the unfurling fern fronds.
The honey sun rises slow over the redwood ridges
Sounds of sleep soften
The fog drenched slopes crystallize into emerald sunlight.
Patience grows as rocks on the hillsides
Gradually covered by the lace of leaves.
Arches of cedars escort young eyes
Through the light scattered path of the cathedral
Born of the gradual determination of anima
And the sharp, persistent footsteps of the animus,
And borne by the fertile skin of the ever forgiving
And generous Mother.

Bachelard week 8

“Most mysteriously, your brain turns its view back on itself to generate your sense of self-awareness.”

Rose, N. Abi-Rached, J., 2012. Neuro: the new brain sciences and the management of the mind. Princeton University Press. (pg 199)

“Our perception of the world is a fantasy that coincides with reality.”
Rose, N. Abi-Rached, J., 2012. Neuro: the new brain sciences and the management of the mind. Princeton University Press. (pg 207)
“The killifish, simultaneously swallowed up like a slip of sun
By the shadow of the hawk, can be seen as itself once again
Inside Felicia’s laughter
Felicia, catching up and stepping on the shadow
Of the hawk, has finally seen the black wings of her feet.”
‘Little fugue’
Rogers, Pattiann, 1940 – The tattooed lady in the garden. Wesleyan University Press. (p. 76)
The conversation flows into silence
And sound fills the field.
The sunlight glinting off the waterfall inside the bird’s laughter,
The stellars jay calls like the eagle above and spirits are sent on their way
With air beneath their midnight wings
Of impenetrable air.
The lights flash past the stars
Hung in the house where the peacock feather
Shines in shades of emerald and midnight glass
That is grasped in the silences
Between the minds joined in forming
Pools and ripples of vibrant air, that til this moment
Have never before been sewn into being,
Except in the meadow of sound,
Where the house remembers the bird’s laughter
In the glittering waterfall where it finds its first home.

Bachelardian reverie week 7

“Strategies week to create the kinds of persons who can take responsibility for their actions, and they attempt to enhance self-control by acting on the brain” pg 196

“The boat inside the painter inside the boat
Inside the eye watching the painter moving beyond himself.”
From Discovering your subject
There are many men and women who have devoted themselves to the intricate depictions of the brain. They have consistently painted the same subject under many different circumstances, many different lenses. But have they been able to move beyond themselves in this pursuit? Have they transcended the mind that created the reality they live and strive in? How can anyone claim to have any sort of understanding of the mind – the intangible, immeasurable spirit and watcher – or the brain – this physical mass of thousands of neurons; fibers brought to life and beaded by iridescent drops of myelin? If they are trying to free others from this physical prison, must they first learn how to transport themselves beyond it first?