Time log week 9

5/20 – Monday
2 hours – Massage and Reiki Trade (a little cycle of skill exchanging)
4 hours – preparing and sharing food with a beautiful community of people. Monday nights, “Late but Great!”
2 hours – going through all my stuff, I no longer need all my cold-weather gear; transitioning with the cycles of the seasons

5/21 – Tuesday
5 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
2 hours – time logging
1 hour – picking cherries
1 hour – community dinner

5/22 – Wednesday
1 hour – run; movement
1 hour – playing piano
5 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
1 hour – community dinner

5/23 – Thursday
6 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
1 hour – yoga on roof!
1 hour – attended a community dinner in a neighborhood called ‘N Street’ where they took down all their fences and created common space, gardens, and walkways where the back yards used to be
1 hour – check-ins at meeting at Sunwise
1 hour – writing poetry

5/24 – Friday
2 hours – writing ‘Recycling Goethean Science’
3 hours – the inauguration of the Compassion Corner, tour of Davis
3 hours – seeing the Honey Drops (a band from the Bay area) and dancing!

5/25 – Saturday – farm visit
2 hours – driving through a landscape that does not follow the natural cycles of the earth: Monoculture
1.5 hour – farm tour
4 hours – moving dirt, using a jackhammer, digging a pooper
1 hour – hiking down to the creek and swimming
2 hours – preparing and sharing food
1.5 hours – making music!

5/26 – Sunday – return to Davis
2 hours – bike ride to a bee sanctuary, and to Putah Creek to watch the last beads of sunlight drip down beyond the mountains. There were river otters too!


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