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To provide a prompt for the development of poetry that recycles neurons, that jolts, that cleaves our heads, that mediates our passions, that evokes the sensation of our version of Doctorow’s rain, a weekly reverie based on a reading assignment from Bachelard’s The Poetics of Reverie is required. The faculty will provide a prompt from each week’s reading, or you may choose your own favorite passage of one of Bachelard’s reveries on/around/through which to create your own reveries. Post your weekly 100 word reverie on the assigned chapters of Bachelard’s The Poetics of Reverie here no later than midnight Wednesday each week during the February field study. Your poetic reverie (or riff) should begin with what you experienced as a particularly evocative passage from that week’s reading, including page number. Your quote does NOT count in terms of your 100 words of writing. Rather, quote this passage of 1-3 lines from Bachelard and then create your own reverie based on your experience of his reverie. The work here is to feel, trace or map the network of meanings associated in your brain/mind with a given word or phrase. While these weekly reveries are brief, they might develop into poems for inclusion in your field study term paper.