April 19

1.  Review and Quiz

2.  Read If code

3.  Review Movie

4.  Decision Tables
—-Move 2 for TTT

5.  Tic Tac Toe

6.  Seminar Review:
–Law of Accelerating Returns? Jigsaw Puz?
–Evolution vs Revolution
–Reverse Engr Brain:  What vs How
—Define: How would you know?
—-”Happy Computer” model

7.  Chapter 2 Seminar:  Searle
–Chinese Room Argument:  Valid?
–observer independent/relative
–result = meaning?

8.  Intro to while and loops
—Random numbers and number guess
—Craps.  Paper copy of directions

9.  History of Computers
———–Mechanical Devices
———–Tubes (bugs)
———–Integrated Circuits
———–Miniturization (VLSI)
———–Parallel Computers
—–History of Software:

10.  Why Digital?

11.  Binary numbers

12  To Do list

13  Work time

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