Content Exam Review

1.  Diagram and Label a Computer*







2.  List the 6 things a computer can do*
        1.                                                                                    2.
        3.                                                                                    4.
        5.                                                                                    6.

3.  List the 5 JavaScript statements that allow the computer to do these 6 things*
            1.                                                                    2.
            3.                                                                    4.

4.  In addition to the 5 JavaScript statements above, you need 2 other things to be able to write any program that has ever, or will ever be written.  What are they?*

7.  Diagram the relationship between
the User, Application Software,
The Hardware, and the Operating
System software:*



8. ROM is like our  ________________________

9.  Diagram and label a bit and a byte


10. Which of our senses can the computer get as INPUT? ____________________

11.  Compare RAM with ROM


12. Why does making a computer smaller make it faster?



13.  Why is it better to send information using digital rather than analog technology?



14.  What question should you ask to determine if a job will be immune from being replaced by a computer in the future?*

15.  Change 72 into a binary number

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