To Do

May 29:  Due before class, May 31
- Read Reed, Chapter 18
-  Do and turn in the Review Questions, pp 349-50, #1-13
-  Prepare for Competency Exam on May 31
-  Work on Mastermind Program.  Email questions
-  Work on 8 Puzzle with team
- Prepare for Brain Group Presentation
- Finish Make-up assignments and post to webspace
- Review Kurzweil

May 24:  Due before class, May 31
- Read Reed, Ch 9
- Practice Competencies
- Work on Mastermind
- Meet with 8 puzzle team.  Make progress
- Communicate with Brain Group:  Prepare Presentation
- Finish Portfolio Programs.  Post
- Do extra assignments:  Battleship, Craps, etc
- Review Kurzweil.  Think about a summary

May 22:  Due before class, May 24
- Read Kurzweil, Chapter 10
- Prepare for Seminar, Ch 9 and 10.  Questions and Comments
- Finish TTT and Mastermind programs.  Post you personal website
- Work on 8 puzzle  Study Code from May 22
- Research for your group Brain presentation
- Work on make-up assignments:  Craps, Battleship, Divide, etc
- Prepare for Competency Exam on May 24

May 17:  Due before class, May 22
- Read Kursweil, Chapter 9.  Response to Ray
- Work on Competency programs.  Tutor
- Work on Mastermind program.  Do Extra tasks
- Work on Make-up programs:
Craps, Battleship, Divide Asmy Lng, Other
- Finish TTT.  Post to your website.
- Research for Group Brain Presentation
- Think about 8-Puzzle

May 15:  Due before class May 17
- Read Kurzweil, Chapter 8
- Prepare an analysis:  Kurz vs Denton,  Kurz vs Dembski for SEMINAR
- Read Reed, Chapter 16
- Do Review Question, p 308-10,  2-22 evens.  Turn in Thurs
- Review Content Exam.  Prepare for test Thurs
- Review and Correct Reed Chapter Review questions
- Practice Competencies
- Work on TTT and MasterMind
- Do XC/ Make Up work

May 10: Due before class on May 15
- Work on Craps and TTT.  Post updated programs to your website
- Read Reed,  Chapter 14 carefully
- Answer even questions, Reed pp 271 evens  2-18.  Turn in Tues
- Play with the Knob and Switch simulation, Ch 14 Reed
- Read Kurzweil,  Ch 7  pp 172-183,  Denton response
- Work on Mastermind:  Good first guess
- Research Group Brain Presentation.  Communicate with group
- Code a program to find the highest even score less than the highest
      score in an array of tests.  Use the Array Competency template (listing)
- Practice Competencies.  Tutor other students

May 8:  Due before class on May 10
- Prepare for Competency Exam, Read/Write Code, Read Functions
- Read Kurzweil Ch 5
- Prepare notes for Seminar, Ch 4-6.  Answer questions
- Finish TTT.  Email me with completed link when done
- Read Reed, Ch 10
- Answer questions 1-23 odd on pages 192-3.
- Think about Mastermind code / solution
- Research Group Brain Presentation

May 3: Due before class May 8
-Read carefully Reed, Chapters 17 and 15 on Arrays and Strings
-Run the example programs for Chapter 15 and 17. Experiment with code
-Practice Read code and Write code competencies
-Turn in Read Function output paper in class May 8
-Read Kurzweil, Chapter 6: Locked in his Chinese Room Reflect
– Work on TTT, finish move 3 and 4
– Work on extra credit craps if needed, using Functions and Graphics
– Research and develop Presentation. Record on Presentation Forum
  - Code the Solve By Exhaustion problem.  Turn in May 8
-Check answers for Chapter 8 Review questions. Come with questions

May 1:  Due before class on May 1
- Fix Craps program and upload to your webspace
- Prepare your first presentation of Tic Tac Toe.
- Practice for Coding Competency:  Read and Write Code
- Practice the Competency for Function Read
- Update Forum or Prepare for your Presentation
- Work on Extension Programs for Craps or TTT learn

April 26:  Due before class on May 1
- Finish and check your Craps program. Turn in a paper listing in class May 1
- Post your working Craps program to the web.  EMail me the link to Craps
- Read REED, Chapter 8. Do EVENS #2-22 on page 152
Code Tic Tac Toe through move 3.  Make SURE you get help if/when stuck
- Practice Read Code and Write Code Competencies
- Try one or more of the practice Write Code competencies. English then Code
- Reveiw questions on the KNOW link on the top of this page
- Think about an improved version of Craps using functions
- If needed, prepare for your Presentations.  Post Abstract and Link

April 24: Due before class on April 26
-Read Reed, Chapter 7.  Try example programs for Chapter 7
- Read Kurzweil, Chapter 4
- Prepare a page outline for Seminar over Chapters 2-4 of Kurzweil
- Code Craps.  Use English Directions.  Develop Questions Due 5/1
- Upload Movie and Num Guess to your website.  Link to Personal page
- Finish move 2 and move 3 of Tic Tac Toe.  Develop questions
- Prepare for your Presentation
- Practice Read Code examples
- Review KNOW link questions on this home page

April 19:  Due before class on April 24
-Read Reed, Chapter 13.  Tweak online examples at
-Play with the while loop code at w3schools  Skip do..while
-Code the Number Guess program.  (10 pts)
Turn in listing with questions  in class on the 24th

-Read Kursweil, CH 3 (Denton).  Take notes
-Practice read code examples
-Review the ‘KNOW’ link questions on the home page
-Research, Post, and Prepare for your first Presentation (20 pts)
- Write directions on how to play craps. Tune in Tues (10 pts)

April 17:  All the following must be done before class on April 19
– Finish the Movie Program.  Turn in listing before class on Thurs
– Read/Review carefully Kurzweil Ch 2 pages 56-77.
– Make an entry and reply to 2 posts in the Kurzweil Ch 2 Forum (10 pts)
- Practice changing a base 10 number to a base 2 number.. and back
- Play with the Tic Tac Toe sample programs.  Look carefully at the template
- Outline a strategy in English to play and win at TTT, assuming you go first
-Research and prepare for your first Presentations. Reserve your topic on the Research Presentation Forum
-Do Reed, Ch 3 review questions, p58, #1-23 odd.  Turn in Tues Apr 19

April 12:  All assignments due before class on April 17
-Reed Reed, Chapter 11 and 12
-run and tweak examples programs on book website, Ch 11 or w3school
           -try the Ch 12 data simulator on the book website
-Write the answers to the Chapter 6 Review Questions, p116, 2-22 evens. Due Tues Apr 17
-code Change program.  Print a copy of the listing.  Turn in Apr 17
                  On your paper, sumarize your results in pen.  bugs?  fix?
-Research and prepare for one of your Presentations.  Check Forum
-Read Kurzweil,  Ch 2,  pages 56-78.  Take notes

April 10:  All the following items should be done before class on April 12
        -Read Reed,  Chapters 3 and 6
         -Write the answers to the Chapter 6 Review Questions, p116,  2-22 evens. Due Tues Apr 17
-Work on the Change program template.  Come with questions April 12
-Work on your Personal Website to the web.  Make sure you can upload files to the server.  Email me with your link to your site before Thurs Apr 12
-Practice the Read Code example program for variables.  Prepare for exam
-Read Kurzweil, pages 32 (Reverse Engineering the Brain) to 55.
      - Prepare on paper an outline of the above reading (Kurz) along with points you agree or disagree with and why. (10 pts)
 -Print out your listing and 2 different example runs from your Form Letter program on paper.  Turn in before class, Apr 12  (10 pts)

April 5: 
 All the items in the list below should be completed before class on April 10
-Read Reed, Chapters 4 and 5 carefully
-Run, tweak, and rerun the examples for Chapter 4 and 5 on the book website
-Run and tweak the form letter examples
-Start coding the form letter program.  This will be due on Thursday, April 12.  Come with questions or problems to class.  Print out a listing of your code
-Check out the HELP forum. Post questions and reply with answers
-Make an entry into the What I currently believe forum before class April 10     Reply to at least 1 post.  (10 Pts)
-Read carefully Kurzweil, Chapt. 1, pp 1-32 (Up to reverse engr brain)
-Come with a paper outline of your reading and a list of points to agree with or disagree with based on the content of the reading  (10 pts)
-Work on your Personal Website.  Upload to your webspace. Post a link to your site on the Personal Website Forum by the end of class on Tuesday, April 10  (10 pts)
-Do the Review Questions for Chapter 1, page 17-18, #1-21 ODD ONLY: Turn in answers on paper, on April 10 before class (10 pts)

-Install communication tools. Reply to About Me posts to make contact with other students.

April 3:   All these task should be completed before class on April 5:
-Read Reed, Chapters 1,  Skim Chapter 2
-Do the Review Questions for Chapter 1, page 17-18,  #1-21 ODD ONLY:  Turn in answers on paper, on April 10 before class
-Run and tweak the examples on
-Run   View source from all files,  Tweak
-Start designing your own personal online resume.  Due next Thurs, April 12
-Make a contribution to the About Me forum.  Reply to other students in the class to make study groups (10 pts)
-Download and install Firefox and other communication tools if needed
-Email me at using the email you want to use for the class BEFORE class on Thursday, April 5.  Be specific on any learning concerns or issues you will have for this program  (10 pts)
-Study the class website, especially the Covenant.  Make sure you check the home page every day or two for news
-Try uploading to your webspace


4/19 All the following must be done before class on April 21
-Program the simple Craps program. Translate English into JavaScript and Debug
- Plan your Graphics and Function Craps program
-Read Reed, Chapter 9
-Read Kurzweil, Chapter 4, Dembski pp 98-115
-Research and post topic for your Presentation
-Practice Read and Write Code examples
-Study Review Questions on website

4/14 All the following must be done before class on April 19
- Come to class with your English directions to playing craps,
as we started in class. You have an example of what you
need in the Number Guess assignment below
-Read Reed, Chapter 7. Run example code and study it
-Finish Number Guess program. Turn in listing
Use the initial Number Guess program as an example
-Read Kurzweil, Chapter 3 Denton, PP 78-97
-Start on simple Craps: Generate questions
-Find presentation ideas. Post on Forum. Prepare presentation
-Practice Read code examples Change, predict, and rerun

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