Eval Week & Graduation – June 6-10

Conferences will be held Wednesday and Thursday.   See details below about what to bring to the conference!

Graduation is Friday, June 10.   In addition to general College graduation ceremonies (at 1pm), is the special MES Hooding Ceremony.  Not to be missed:  10:30 in the Recital Hall.

A draft of your self evaluation is due at your conference.  You may submit your final self evaluation to the registrar any time after your conference.  Your self evaluation can span the entire first year of the MES program.

  • Judy’s Conferences to be posted here.
  • Kathleen’s Conferences to be posted here.

Faculty evaluations may be given to your faculty, or to the program secretary (who will give them to the faculty once your evaluation is posted to the registrar) at the time of your conference.  Faculty evaluations are placed in each faculty’s portfolio, and reviewed at their five-year review.

Written program evaluations (of spring quarter, and fall and winter) are welcome – either to faculty or via email to faculty.   Oral feedback is also welcome at your evaluation conference.

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