Week 7 – May 9

Lectures (~6-7:30)

  1. ANOVA (kathleen).  Tuesday slides here and Thursday’s here.
  2. Recap of Regression and Preview of Multiple Regression and ANOVA, if time:  Week 6 Lab – R: review.  Judy’s annotated R scripts for Tuesday (multiple regression) here and Thursday (ANOVA) here.
  3. (Thursday) Guest Lecture:  John Perkins on Interviewing

Labs (~8-9:45)

  1. Multiple Regression and ANOVA.  Lab and Assignment to be posted at \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Handouts\Wk7Lab
  2. Faculty available to review milestones with teams:  Data Analysis Project (Judy on Thursday) and Research Design Project (Kathleen on Tuesday).

Help Sessions

  1. R:  Sunday, May 8, 3-5pm, in CAL, Paul — CANCELLED!  SORRY!  Chat consults instead.
  2. R:  Monday, May 9, 4-7pm  in CAL,– 4-6pm, Austen; 5-7 Paul. (extra hours)
  3. Stats:  Monday, May 9, 7-9pm, Kathleen, Lab I  3033 (just outside MES office)
  4. at QuaSR:  see http://www.evergreen.edu/mathcenter/ or call (360) 867-5547 for stats consulting hours????


  1. by Tuesday,  Gotelli Finish Ch. 10
  2. by Thursday,  Dalgaard Ch. 7, 12
  3. by Thursday:  Articles (posted under Assignments – Week 6) on Qualitative Methods to explore forestry issues
  4. by Thursday:  Chapters on Interviewing.  From H. J. Rubin and I. S. Rubin, Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing Data.   These are on Orca, QQMethods, under Handouts, Lectures, https://myfiles.evergreen.edu/academics/programs/qqmethods/Handouts/lectures/ also try links below (you may have to log in to your Evergreen account when asked) or go to the Moodle.

Assignments to Hand In

  1. R Assignment from Week 6, due Monday, May 9, 9 pm, to the moodle (or Judy’s mailbox)
  2. Research Design Project:  (Tuesday)  suggested milestone – your first draft is due NEXT WEEK, so you might want to have an annotated outline and assign writing tasks (including someone who will collate and review individual tasks).  Kathleen available for questions in lab.
  3. Data Analysis Project:  (Thursday)  suggested milestone – complete preliminary descriptive data analysis and determine likely statistical tests you will use and your statistical hypotheses.  Judy available for questions in lab.
  4. Week 6 Lab Report: by Friday, May 6, 5pm.   hardcopy to Judy’s mailbox in Lab 1 (first floor) or upload to \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Workspace\_hand-In\Wk7LabReports, or to moodle.

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