Week 2 – April 5

Lectures (~6-7:30)

  1. Confidence Intervals, Sampling, Estimation, Type I and Type II Errors
  2. Preliminary news (handout) about the Field Trip – April 20-24
  3. Brief Overview of Data Analysis Project  – in class and see \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Handouts\docs QQMdataAnalysisSpr2011PRELIM

Labs (~8-9:45)
See \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Handouts\labs Week2TueRev


  1. Please remember to pay the Field Trip Assessment!
  2. by Tuesday, READ:  Gotelli Ch. 4 key points: understanding null and alternative hypotheses, p-values, and confidence intervals;  Gotelli, Ch. 5 focus on parametric analysis first and foremost, then Monte Carlo; Gotelli Ch. 6
  3. by Thursday, READ Dalgaard Ch. 3-4
  4. at end of Thursday Lab:  Lab Report.   hardcopy to Judy or upload to \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Workspace\_hand-In\Wk2TueLabRev
  5. Lab Assignment, due Monday, April 11, 5 pm, to the moodle. The assignment is given in Wk2TueLabRev (see above).
  6. Week 2 Stats Assignment:  by Thursday Week 2, in class.  The key is posted here.

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