Week 4 – April 18

Tuesday, April 19 – no class due to field trip.

Program Field Trip to H.J. Andrews LTER Site.  See Final Field Trip Handout.

Approximate schedule for our time at HJA follows:

  1. Wednesday ~4-5pm:  site orientation.  be ready with location of the data set(s) you have chosen for the data analysis project.  We will attempt to review your selection and visit as many sites as possible on Thursday.
  2. 5pm….  time for getting settled, cooking, dinner, and an evening work session, followed by free time.
  3. Thursday.  Breakfast on your own (in cabins).
  4. ~8:30.  Leave for tour of site, especially Watershed 1, remote sensing, climate collection, and several sites where data was collected for your chosen data analysis project sites.
  5. ~noon.  return to cabins to make and eat lunch.
  6. ~1pm.  leave for afternoon field work.  We will pair experienced “field hands” with those who have no experience, and collect data for an HJA project.
  7. ~5pm.  return to cook dinner, eat, an evening work session, followed by free time.
  8. Friday ~6am – Richland Van departs.
  9. ~9am (after breakfast and cleanup in cabins).  Other vans depart.

R Help Sessions:

  1. Sunday, April 17, 3-5pm, CAL.
  2. Monday, April 18, 3-5pm, CAL.
  3. NO HELP SESSION FRIDAY, APRIL 20 due to field trip.
  4. Sunday, April 24, 3-5pm, CAL
  5. Monday, April 25, 3-5pm, CAL

Stats Help Sessions:

  1. Monday, April 25, with Kathleen, Lab I  3033 (just outside MES office) 7-9pm.
  2. at QuaSR:  see http://www.evergreen.edu/mathcenter/ or call (360) 867-5547 for stats consulting hours.

Assignments:  SEE Week 3 Schedule for changes to assignment due dates (those not reflected below) and help session times!!!

  1. by Wednesday (8am) before we leave for HJA:  Revisions to your  Data Analysis Topic Proposal, with your lab partner.
  2. Read Gotelli Ch. 8 BEFORE Field Trip!
  3. at HJA:  work on your Data Analysis Proposal.  Activities TBA.
  4. Week 3 R Assignment:  due Monday April 25 5pm to moodle (deferred one week due to field trip).

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