Week 1 – March 29

Lectures (~6-7:30)

  1. Review Descriptive Statistics, Probability, and Graphical Summaries
  2. Why integrate qualitative & quantitative:  the difference between qualitative & quantitative approaches and what we learn from each.  Kathleen’s Slides.
  3. Intro to R:  data structures, expressions, fcns, args, session mgmt, graphics, data entry  Judy’s Slides.
  4. Overview of Experimental Design Project

Labs (~8-9:45)
See \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Handouts\labs Week1Tue


  1. by Thursday, read Gotelli Ch. 1-3
  2. by Thursday, read Dalgaard, Ch. 1-2
  3. at end of Thursday Lab:  Lab Report.   hardcopy to Judy or upload to \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Workspace\_hand-In\Wk1TueLab

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