Week 6 – May 2

Tuesday Lecture (~6-7:30)

  1. Guest Lecture:  Karen Gaul on Ethnography
  2. Recap:  Week 5 Lab:  calculating p-values and power in R

Tue Lab (~8-9:45)

  1. Multiple Regression in R.
  2. Lab and Assignment to be posted at \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Handouts\Wk6TueLab and \Wk6RAssignment.doc

Thursday Lecture and Lab

  • Multiple Regression.  Slides to be posted here.

Help Sessions

  1. R:  Sunday, May 1, 3-5pm, in CAL, Paul — CANCELLED!  SORRY!
  2. R:  Monday, May 2, 4-7pm  in CAL,– 4-6pm, Austen; 5-7 Paul. (extran hours)
  3. Stats:  Monday, May 2, 7-9pm, Kathleen, Lab I  3033 (just outside MES office)
  4. at QuaSR:  see http://www.evergreen.edu/mathcenter/ or call (360) 867-5547 for stats consulting hours????


  1. by Tuesday,  Gotelli Finish Ch. 9
  2. by Thursday,  Dalgaard Ch. 11


  1. R Assignment from Week 5, due Monday, May 2, 9 pm, to the moodle
  2. Data Analysis Project:  (Tuesday) suggested milestone – get the data into R, and run some descriptive stats.  Do the data show what you expect?
  3. Data Analysis Project:  (Thursday)  2nd draft Data Analysis Proposal.   Final topic, 2-3 scientific questions, 2-4 bibliographic sources, 1-3 HJA data sets you will use, 1-3 scientific  hypotheses.   Review with faculty in lab.
  4. Research Design Project:  (Tuesday)  suggested milestone – check your scientific question, how that links to data  you might to collect and null/alternative hypotheses.
  5. Week 6 Lab Report: by Friday, May 6, 5pm.   hardcopy to Judy’s mailbox in Lab 1 (first floor) or upload to \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Workspace\_hand-In\Wk6TueLabReports, or to moodle.
  6. Chapters dealing with the “how to” of interveiwing are on Orca, QQMethods, under Handouts, Lectures, or on the Moodle.
  7. Articles Using Qualitative Methods to explore forestry issues:

Applying Cognitive Mapping Approach to Explore the Objective-Structure of Forest Owners (here)

Forests as a Mirror of Rural Conditions (here)

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