Week 3 – April 11

Lectures (~6-7:30)

  1. Hypothesis Testing, one and two populations
  2. z- and t-tests  (see below “thursday” for Kathleen’s Thursday lecture notes)
  3. News about the Field Trip – April 20-24 – see Week 4 schedule for final handout.
  4. Data Analysis Project (Handout)

Tue Lab (~8-9:45)
Posted at \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Handouts\labsWeek3Tue

Thursday -

  1. Rachel Carson Forum, 6pm-7:30 Longhouse, Paul Stamets  Fungi Perfecti
  2. Since the Lecture lasted longer than anticipated, we did not meet in the CAL until 9:15 (an hour late) , so will post notes below for you.
  3. Kathleen’s notes on two sample t-tests here.
  4. Paul’s and Judy’s solution to Week 2 R Lab here.
  5. Several solutions to the Week 2 R assignment (descriptive analysis of the juul dataset are posted (Judy’s HaydukKruse KangiserStavely; corresponding R scripts for some of the graphs here.  (unfortunately, the script is a .docx not a .txt file – I’m trying to get .txt files ok’d for upload to the blog).

Note changes in due dates (“assignments: below)!

About the Field Trip:

  1. Remember to pay the Field Trip Assessment!
  2. Van Drivers for Field Trip:  Please have your permits by 11am Wednesday April 13, or contact Judy.
  3. link to final field trip handout posted on Week 4 schedule!

R Help Sessions:

  1. Sunday, April 17, 3-5pm, CAL.
  2. Monday, April 18, 3-5pm, CAL.
  3. NO HELP SESSION FRIDAY, APRIL 20 due to field trip.
  4. Sunday, April April 24, 3-5pm, CAL
  5. Monday, April 25, 3-5pm, CAL

Stats Help Sessions:

  1. Monday, April 25, with Kathleen, Lab I  3033 (just outside MES office) 7-9pm.
  2. at QuaSR:  see http://www.evergreen.edu/mathcenter/ or call (360) 867-5547 for stats consulting hours.


  1. by Tuesday,  Gotelli Ch. 5 and 7.
  2. by Thursday,  Dalgaard Ch. 5.
  3. by Wednesday, April 20, Gotelli Ch. 8 – IMPORTANT FOR FIELD TRIP!


  1. Lab Assignment from Week 2, due Monday, April 11, 5 pm, to the moodle. The assignment is given in on the fileshare, in Handouts: Wk2TueLabRev.
  2. Data Analysis Project:  ASAP, but by Monday April 18 (5pm) at latest.  Topic Proposal, with your lab partner.  Upload changes as per faculty suggestions by Wednesday April 20  8am.
  3. Research Design Project:  ASAP, but by Monday April 18, 5pm at latest.  Topic Title and Bibliography, to moodle, with your team of 3 (or individually if you don’t yet have a team).
  4. Week3 Stats Homework:  due Thursday by hand  (or if that is too soon for you), bring Wednesday on the field trip). Key is located here.
  5. Week 3 Lab Report: by Monday, April 18, 5pm.   hardcopy to Judy’s mailbox in Lab 1 (first floor) or upload to \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Workspace\_hand-In\Wk3TueLabReports, or to moodle.
  6. Lab Assignment from Week 3, due after the field trip — Monday April 25, 5pm, to the moodle.
  7. New Stats Homework on two populations posted here, due with the other Week 3 stats homework, bring Wednesday on the field trip.  (this is the same homework Kathleen posted to the moodle under Week 3 Assignments)  Key for two populations homework accessed here.

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