Week 9 – May 23


  1. 3:20-5:40 -  MES Thesis Presentations, LH 5.
  2. 6:00-7:00  pm – Sem 2 E 1105.  Information Session about Next Year (Case Studies and Thesis).  Followed by review of what’s due and when for this program and presentation schedules for the rest of qqm.
  3. 7:30-9:45 pm – CAL.  Open Lab to work on Data Analysis Project and Presentation.


  1. 3:10-5:30 – MES Thesis Presentations, LH 5.
  2. 6pm in CAL:   Open Lab, and individual team Presentations of Data Analysis Project to faculty, as per assigned times (to be posted below).  Rest of lab time is available to students to finalize the Data Analysis Report, and work on research proposal, remaining homeworks, lab reports, exam, R assignments. No homeworks, lab reports, or R Assignments will be accepted after Tuesday, May 31.

Help Sessions

  1. R/Data Analysis:  Sunday, in CAL, May 22, 3-5pm,  Austen.
  2. R/Data Analysis:  Monday, in CAL, May 23, 3-5pm, Paul;  4-6pm, Judy.
  3. Stats:  Monday, May 9, 7-9pm, Kathleen, Lab I  3033 (just outside MES office)
  4. R/Data Analysis:  Wednesday, in CAL, 3:45-4:45 pm, Paul.


  1. Week 8 Lab Report: by Friday, May 20, 5pm. Hardcopy to Judy in Lab or to her mailbox in Lab 1 (first floor) or upload to \\Orca\programs\qqmethods\Workspace\_hand-In\Wk8LabReports, or to moodle.
  2. QQMethods Quiz.  Due Week 10, Tuesday, May 31, 6pm, hardcopy.  Open book, open notes, open computer.  Individual Effort.  Time limit:  3 hours, from the time you download the quiz. To state the obvious:  do not download the quiz until you are ready to work on it! Word version (.doc):  here.   PDF here.  (PDF is available in case the figures don’t print for you!).

Data Analysis Project

Presentation in lab to faculty, Thursday (6-9:45).  Please come to lab at 6pm with your Data Analysis Presentation ready; Plan your presentation for 10 minutes.  We are allowing an additional 5 minutes for questions.   Where to upload your work?

  1. Report to the moodle
  2. anything else to the Program Fileshare:
    Workspace/_hand-In\_DataAnalysisProjects\ <in folder for your project>

Items to hand in: In addition to the Report (to the moodle), it would be helpful if you would also turn in the following to the program fileshare:.

  1. Report (this file only to the moodle);  be sure to consult the handout for outline.
  2. Your presentation materials (optional – .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx)
  3. Annotated R script(s) (optional – .txt or .doc/.docx)
  4. Data set(s) if you made changes (optional – in the format you used to load it into R from excel or txt files).  Please upload these to the Data folder in your project folder !
  5. Anything else you’d like faculty to review, in particular – if easy for you – a pdf of the paper where you found results you are trying to replicate, or the paper that was most influential in your project work.

Below is the tentative schedule for faculty presentations.  Note that the ‘name’ below of your group is the name of folder where your project should upload documents:

  1. 6:00 – BenKanSta
  2. 6:15 – CorLim
  3. 6:30 – FarHusSch
  4. 6:45 – FloRit
  5. 7:15 – GelWal
  6. 7:30 – HanWeb
  7. 7:45 – HayKru
  8. 8:00 – KowPic
  9. 8:15 – MasRog
  10. 9:00 – PriSta
  11. 9:15 – SchMan
  12. 9:30 – WhiSmi

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