Week 7 update

This Monday is an Animal Book work-in-progress check in.  We will meet in the studio/lab (Lab 2, 2223) at 10:00 am.  Bring your Animal Books with you as well as the drawings you did at Cabela’s.  An updated check list for the Animal Book is posted on Moodle.  Pay attention to the assignments for visual, cultural and natural history research-we will be looking at those in particular.

In addition to updating your Animal Book, review your notes and readings and select words to add to the eBestiary Lexicon.  On Monday, each of you will be responsible for submitting 5 words not duplicated by others.  This means that you should develop a list of considerably more than 5 in case others have found the same words as you.  Accompany each word with its definition, the source of the definition and a sentence using the word that helps clarify its meaning.  Include a citation for where you first read the word if that is different from the source of the definition.

Finally, note that the due date for completed Character Animation sequences is now Thursday, May 17th (not Tuesday the 15th).

Week 4 updates

We have added a short reading to this weeks’ list: Boria Sax “Animals as Tradition”, pp 270-277 in The Animals Reader.  (Note that the Descartes and de Montaigne texts were read for seminar week 3 instead of week 4.)

Reminders: Bring your Animal Books for the work-in-progress critique Monday morning, and add your animal info page to the Animal Wall in our studio if you haven’t done that already (it was due today, Thursday, 4/19).

If you signed up as a van driver, or alternate driver on the field trip, you need to have gotten your College driving permit by Monday.

Week 3 Updates

Week 3 readings have been modified. Add to the existing texts for Week 3, two additional excerpts from The Animals Reader: Michel de Montaigne’s “An Apology for Raymond Sebond” and “From the Letters of 1646 and 1649″ by René Descartes.

You can view Iain Gardner’s animation of wolves online, if you want to watch them again in order to respond to this week’s framing questions, which are posted on the program Moodle.

Also: Update the Animal Wall with all required Animal Wall Elements. Requirements are posted in Week 3 of the program Moodle.

Week 2 updates

Note that we added a short essay by Angela Carter, “Animals in the Nursery” to our readings due next Thursday.  The pdf of this is on Moodle.

We’ve added a new resource page to the blog, attached to the Assignments page, that has links to interesting animation and drawing related sites and images.  We’re choosing things that might help you with your drawing, animation and Animal Book assignments.  We’ll be adding material to this page as the quarter goes on.


Welcome to our program blog, and to students entering the program.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our first meeting Monday, April 2nd, 10 am, in Sem II, E1107.

Note that for this week, you will need to download the Childs pdf from our Moodle site (see link at left), and read the short essay “Animals”, as well as reading Berger’s essay “Why Look at Animals” in The Animals Reader, available at the bookstore.  Go to the Schedule and Syllabus menu for assigned readings for the whole quarter.

Also this week, those of you who have not gained access to the Evergreen 2D Animation Labs will need to take the proficiency for that on Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon.  You’ll sign up for that in workshop on Tuesday.  The proficiency will take 1 1/2 hours.

There are a few supplies you will need for the quarter.  All are available in the bookstore:
notebook or binder for taking notes and writing in class
art materials for drawing and animation workshops, and creative projects: 2B and 4B pencils, black pentel sign pen, white plastic eraser, gluestick, exacto knife.
Optional but very useful: color markers and/or color pencils, blue painters’ tape, brush pens, 2-3 manila envelopes for animation drawings and other artwork.


Ruth Hayes- Lab 2, 2266, ext. 6890             Anne de Marcken-Lab 2, 2259, ext. 6694