Welcome to our program blog, and to students entering the program.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our first meeting Monday, April 2nd, 10 am, in Sem II, E1107.

Note that for this week, you will need to download the Childs pdf from our Moodle site (see link at left), and read the short essay “Animals”, as well as reading Berger’s essay “Why Look at Animals” in The Animals Reader, available at the bookstore.  Go to the Schedule and Syllabus menu for assigned readings for the whole quarter.

Also this week, those of you who have not gained access to the Evergreen 2D Animation Labs will need to take the proficiency for that on Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon.  You’ll sign up for that in workshop on Tuesday.  The proficiency will take 1 1/2 hours.

There are a few supplies you will need for the quarter.  All are available in the bookstore:
notebook or binder for taking notes and writing in class
art materials for drawing and animation workshops, and creative projects: 2B and 4B pencils, black pentel sign pen, white plastic eraser, gluestick, exacto knife.
Optional but very useful: color markers and/or color pencils, blue painters’ tape, brush pens, 2-3 manila envelopes for animation drawings and other artwork.


Ruth Hayes- Lab 2, 2266, ext. 6890             Anne de Marcken-Lab 2, 2259, ext. 6694



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