B – Final Performance Poems

Mind Like Letters.

my mind like letters

sits shelved and


collecting dust,



of the time it

will feel the rumble

of the cabinet

cracking open,

the sliver of light

passing over,

becoming active

from the hand

that selects


for conceiving



She is not one to say

what is on her mind

until I tell her-

place the words on her belly

and cover them with ink and sheets-

I press her,

she picks up some

but not all,

I press her


gently forcing

to sound out every letter.

Her translations quiver

at the edges

but are full of body-

I work her,

wear her,

re-ink her,

till she is vibrating,

breathing, rolling

my words from her

loosened tongue.


I dream

for a moment

and my skin slides off

my muscles as they drop

away from my bones

as they loosen my joints

as my mind exceeds

my body and I

disappear through the thick

of my thoughts that trail

after a memory that covers

the land that arches out

over and back

into my body

and I feel that tiny burst

of relief as time lets go

and I fall free

and unfinished to tangle

with the leaves.

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