Co Bachelard Reverie #1

 “a word can be a dawn and a sure shelter.” (47)

Je Suis La Lune

Je suis la lune et j’taime.

throughout the night, the night i first caught the light in your eyes

across the opposite hemisphere of the earth

you rose and your rays splashed upon my rocky face

making it shine a silver shimmering surface,

gleaming to your touch.

but the more you rose and made the sky blue

the more i realized the surprise that came with everything that is you.

but not the good kind of surprise, like solstice, starting anew

a surprise like a meteor flung out of orbit into the side of your face

like the destruction of the whole human race.

i like the sombre

you like the lumière

when you’ve risen and are in full sight

you encompass everything in front of you,

beating your rays down upon all, looming above

craving, demanding

they feel your  heat.

you bleed jealousy of anything in the shadows

i don’t understand, and i probably never will.

all i know is i loved you once, but the once thriving life that was our love

is now overwhelmingly ill. i can’t stand it and won’t take it any longer,

dear soliel, je suis la lune et je t’aime plus

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