co- week 7 log

February 17th

4 hours – reading (Hebdige)

4 hours – listening to music

February 18th

4 hours – reading (Debord)
2 hours – taking notes (Debord)

February 19th

4 hours – writing poetry

February 20th

2 hours – looking for shows

2 hours – listening to music

3 hours – creating artwork based off of punk music

4 hours- reading (Biel)

 February 21st

2 hours- reading (Debord)

3 hours – reading (Hebdige)

1 hours – notes (Debord)

5 hours- downloading video editing programs needed for interview editing

February 22nd

3 hours –  shopping for final art piece canvas

3 hours – reading (Hebdige)

2 hours – notes (hebdige)

February 23rd

3 hours – writing and reciting lyrics

2 hours – revising poetry


This week:53

Cumulative total: 151 hours

Reading List:

  • Beyond the Music: How punks are saving the world with DIY Ethics, Skills & Values by Joe Biel
  • Subculture the meaning of style by Dick Hebdige
  • Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord

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