F ~ Week 9 Log

May 27th, Monday

1.5 hours connecting with our peer group, reaching out, hugs, tears, and words of wisdom.

3 hours reading The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercise by Blandine Calais-Germain, performing the exercises, breathing, moving slowly still working up my body to preform in the next coming days.

I am working through my grief.

May 28th, Tuesday

4 hours of presentations.

3 hours working on my Holdrege paper, organizing, working in edits.

May 29th, Wednesday

3 hours reading The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are used Against Women by Naomi Wolf.

2 hours reading The Naked Woman by Desmond Morris

2 hours reading Vagina: A New Biography by Naomi Wolf

I went for a swim today and saw jellyfish, a beautiful reminder of life.

May 30th, Thursday

4 hours reading The Naked Woman by Desmond Morris, and talking to a friend about evolution. I have been able to connect my study of focus to that of my peers as well, it is a reassuring and pleasant change of pace.

2 hours creating poetry, trying to channel my pain and the pain I have been reading about into a work while the feelings are fresh.

2 hours in the Calculated Poetics class session listening to presentations while I made origami, it truly calmed me.

May 31st, Friday

3 hours reading The Naked Woman by Desmond Morris, I am finding this book to be one of my favorites because of it’s evolutionary lens.

2 hours working on the Holdredge paper, organizing ideas and formatting.

June 1st, Saturday

3 hours reading reading The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are used Against Women by Naomi Wolf.

2 hours working with a peer group on the formatting of my final paper, reviewing, sharing information.

3 hours writing poetry, breathing, moving more often.

1 hour reading Write About an Empty Birdcage by Elaina M. Ellis, looking for inspiration.

June 2nd, Sunday

2 hours reading Neuro by Nikolas Rose, conjuring a reverie.

5 hours reading, grabbing words from Cloves and Honey and Bodies of Light by Athena Kildegaard.


This week: 47.5 hours

Cumulative total: 170 hours

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