Hh – Week 8 Reverie

“Many from the social and human sciences regard this neurobiologization of the self as the most challenging feature of contemporary neuroscience. It seems to threaten the very conception of the human being that lies at the heart of their work: the idea that personhood is a matter of internal mental states, consciousness, intention, beliefs, and the like, existing in a uniquely human psychological realm of mind, embodied in a self-conscious subjectivity, and created in a world of meaning, culture, and history.” (Neuro, 201)

Where is my I?

Who is my self, WHAT is my self. Is there any self to begin with?

Am I just a biological machine?

And are my thoughts just left over steam from the working machine?

I don’t know.

My I is a combination of many things.

Sometimes I feel as though my I is more metaphorical than literal

I can play with my I through music.

I can become whatever I want I to be.

I can become animate or inanimate

Feminine or masculine

Black or white

Machine or human

So what is my self?

To me, myself, my physical self,

It doesn’t matter

Because through music I can expand and extend my self to be anything I want.

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