I is for Illumination

  is for ‘Illumination.’

Field Study Proposal

Questing the Grail–a continuation of C is for Ocean

In this Spring field study I will solidify my capability of semantic expression through the development of artistic form. I will compose a term paper based on my investigation of the lyrical forms employed by William Blake, Charles Baudelaire, and other inspiring poets. I will write poetry in response to the poems that evoke me the most, and, with the knowledge gained from this study, I will develop my own works of poetry. I will also be looking at the works of Kurt Cobain, as I work to develop a foundational understanding of expression and pursue it through public performance.

ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

    Bachelardian Reverie


        Poetry Observed

        (embedded youtube or Vimeo video will go here)

        Term Paper Abstract

        Read full term paper




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