i- week 6 synopsis

log synopsis based on journal entries made during this week

I’ve been spending most of my personal study time this week to the development of a French/English poem I’ve been trying to write, though I admit the whole point of it is just to show off how much French I know, which I’m discovering isn’t very much. I sat down in my room for almost 5 hours on Wednesday evening before dinner trying to get something good out. I’m still iffy on it so far, but I spent a couple hours clearing my head as much as I could, since I’ve been disappointing myself with everything that comes out. The title is either going to be “Je Suis Hier (I Am Yesterday),” or “C’etait (This was).” It’s about not being able to write and not doing anything with the talent I have, the subtle irony being that it is a very structured poem written in the styles of T.S. Eliot, Charles Baudelaire, and a slight taste of Dante, and written in two languages. In other words, it’s supposed to be a really, really elaborate, well-written poem about not being able to write good poetry.

in addition to those 5 non-consecutive hours on Wednesday, I read most of the rest of “Exercises in Style” in hopes that I would find a clue to how certain poetic/storytelling forms tell their stories differently. Nothing concrete yet, though I made a few observation notes. I’ll post some of my Calculated Poetics reflections on here if i find anything concrete. this reading and occasional note-taking was spread over three days, I believe Monday-Wednesday, and took a total of about 6 hours.

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