I-week 8 log

please note that all times given are not always consecutive; four hours of continuous reading would probably kill me.

19th May: 4 hours reading through “The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake,” specific emphasis on his chronicle of “The French Revolution.” roughly 2 hours writing response revs and noting observations.

20 May: 3 hours reading Bringhurst, mostly the essay “Prosodies of Meaning”; 3 hours alternatively reading Perloff and “William Blake: the Gates of Paradise” by Michael Bedard.

21 May: 2 hour meditation. clearing mind and reflecting on the essence of Blake’s work. five hours composing the beginning elements of two epic chronicles of my own. 1 hour reading Blake’s poetry.

22 May: half-hour reading Blake poetry, half-hour meditation. continued work on French-English poem, “Je Suis Hier,” two hours.

24 May: 2 hours reading “Gates of Paradise,” 2 hours formulating notes into a concrete reflection on what Blake’s poetry has to do with me and why I or anyone else should care.

25 May: 4 hours reading McClane and Blake together. 2 hours reading first and sixth chapters of Neuro and noting references in Blake’s poetry.  Half-hour editing, typing and posting “The Immortality of the Visionary.”

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