L – Week 6 log

February 10th

1.5 hour: Reading
2 hours: drafting
1 hour: listening to the doors

February 11th

3 hours: Reading
4 hours: Drafting
1.5 hours: watching Documentaries

February 12th

1 hour: Watching interviews
2 hours: Reading
2 hours: drafting

February 13th

1 hour: Reading
3 hours: drafting

February 14th

3 hours: Listening to the doors

February 15th

3.5 hours: Reading
2 hours: Watching interviews/clips
1.5 hours: Drafting

February 16th

2.5 hours: Reading
1 hour: drafting
1.5 hours: Journaling

This week: 37

Cumulative total: 75

Reading List:
The Lords
The New Creatures
The American Night
No One Gets Out of Here Alive

The Doors Are Open (1968)
Live in Europe (1968)
Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1968)


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