Ml – Week 7 Reverie

Reverie Prompt:  pp 139, 141  Create your own reverie in response to Bachelard’s reverie:  “When I read this line by Edmond Vandercammen: ‘My childhood goes back to that wheaten bread,’ an odor of warm bread invaded a house of my youth.”  Create a reverie to demonstrate how in your own life “a whole vanished universe is preserved by an odor.”

Our Car Smell

The car had a smell

It wasn’t a bad smell

I can’t pinpoint what the smell was

Where it came from

If it had been there the whole time

It could have been the carpet

or the interior

But when I remember that smell

Maybe it was the fading new car smell

When I remember that smell

I hear the music we listened to

I remember that smell

I see everything we drove past

Remember that smell

Everything they told me

That smell

Roll the windows down, hang my arm out as I


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