o is for ocean

O – Week 7 Log

Week 7

Monday, February 18
1 hour perusing ealphabet site and posting logs
traveled to Corvallis
2 hours writing seminar pass
1 hour writing poetry

Tuesday, February 19
.5 hour reading sem passes and responding
4 hours walking, observing, photographing and writing about the shore
1 hour reading Poetics of Reverie

Wednesday, February 20
3 hours in the presence of the sea: drawing, painting, listening, watching, shivering (started raining)
2 hour reading Poetics of Reverie and daydreaming
2 hours journaling for reverie, drawing and researching Lila Zemborain and HD online
2 hours composing reverie, posting online, perusing the blog and adding to luminoussea
2 hours editing photos

Thursday, February 21
.5 hour finishing interview with Zemborain with Leonard Schwartz
.5 hour reading NYT article about salmon geo-magnetic naviation
2 hours drawing
1 hour reading Never
2 hour writing
.5 hour braving the storm to experience waves & wind
1 hour reading The Eyes of the Skin

Friday, February 22
.5 hour looking at waves in a surfer magazine (way too wet to walk to the beach)
1.5 hour researching ocean-architecture and other ocean art to compile to luminoussea
3 hours roughing out my 7-steps and experimenting with other ways to organize a term paper
1 hour ocean visit: low tide sunbreak

Saturday, February 23
traveled to Portland
2 hours reading Eyes of the Skin (finished)
.5 hour listening to Gertrude Stein
2 hours writing term paper
.5 hour testing out my idea for a term paper idea on a friend
1 hour editing photos and reading Walt Whitman

Sunday, February 24
1 hour editing photos
1 hour posting to blog
1 hour writing poetry

Total: 43 hours

Reading List:

The Eyes of the Skin by Juhanni Pallasmaa
mauve sea-orchids by Lila Zemborain,
Never by Jorie Graham
Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
Poetics of Reverie
Reading on the Brain
Unoriginal Genius 

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