P – Week 7 – Log & Update

5.13.13:  1 morning pages, 1/2 Bodystories, 1/2 meditation, 2 nature hike, 1/2 Neuro reverie, 2 WordPress

5.14.14:  1 morning pages, 2 notes for paper, 1 writing poetry

5.15.14:  1 morning pages, 1 walking meditation around lake, 5 WordPress, 6.5 finishing Place & Experience and notetaking, 2 finishing Perloff (it seemed wrong not to)

5.16.13:  3/4 morning pages, 4 reading Seamon articles on KSU website, 2 WordPress, 3 notes on Poetics of Space

“…though the character and quality of the inhabitants shape their house, the house contributes to the character, experience, and world of the inhabitants, partly through its nature as a physical thing and partly through the history of earlier inhabitants who found comfort or discomfort there.”  (David Seamon’s article on Poetics of Space)

5.17.13:  1 morning pages, 1 writing poetry, 3 Perceptual Experience, 1 trailer meditation

“…in normal perceptual experience the ‘things themselves’ seem much closer to us than a ‘throng of sensations.’ This does not by itself imply that we are not in any way aware of a throng of sensations in perceptual experience…even if the things themselves are ‘closer’ to us than sensations, this still implies that the sensations are somewhere to be found…It is obvious that perceptual experience is sensory in a way that thought is not…” (Perceptual Experience,

5.18.13:  day off–catching up on laundry and other housewifely duties including experimental brownie recipes and amazingly delicious pork chops (J has put on a little weight since I’ve been here)

“Objects that are cherished in this way really are born of intimate light, and they attain to a higher degree of reality than indifferent objects, or those that are defined by geometric reality. For they produce a new reality of being, and they take their place not only in an order but in a community of order. From one object in a room to another, housewifely care weaves the ties that unite a very ancient past to the new epoch. The housewife awakens furniture that was asleep.” (Bachelard, 68)

5.19.13:  1 morning pages, 2 writing poetry, 2 notes and reverie from a boat on Lake Huron

Total:  46.75

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