Pi Calculated Poetics week 5

This poem ended up being a conversation between the Sphere reading and The Fractal Geometry of Nature by Benoit Mandelbrot that I’m reading for my field study.  Mandelbrot’s observations and theories were ignored for a long time by the hosh-posh intellectual elites of his time due to the irrational number sets he was working with.  Later, his work on fundamentals of fractal geometry in nature layed the ground work for computer graphics programming and the solutions to theoretical physics problems.  Stanzas 42 – 67 from Sphere influence my poem with its nod to anonymity in the dream world, infinite forms of nature, and the author’s mention of overcoming adversity.

Bumble Fumble

Bumble, fumble

Mandelbrot was humbled

The fractal folds again

And we feel the rumble

Stumble across the infinite spill of the cosmos

Crumbles of bread sweets facilitate our osmosis


Moving round round round round

Making ripples in the air like

Sound sound sound sound

Moving forwards, round it, backwards and through

A sphere of influence hovering all around you

Freckled, speckled

Rocks and eggs

Like the freckles on your face


And legs

Infinite spheres spinning round and round

Bubbling, troubling

Wow. Wow.

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