Pi week 4 log

Apr 21 – 27

3 hours – collecting resources and materials and programming eAlphabet page

4 hourse – Calculated Poetics

4 hours – reading Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher, Fractal Geometry of Nature, 

4 hours – listening to Radiolab

I spent the week preparing to launch into an in depth exploration of different math systems, scheduling out the next few weeks of the field study to dedicate time to each system.  This way, I will be versed enough to possibly teach the methods in class during my presentation week 10 and also gain enough background knowledge to see how it applies to my general topic of intuitive mathematics.  On the docket immediately is learning the Abacus as well as a brief history of its development.  But that is for next week.

I spent the week this week listening to various Radiolab episodes to hear good examples of storytelling narrative to use for my introduction, as a way to convey a lot of information yet push the narrative forward in an intriguing way.  I then set about writing the intro with the Sensing Boundaries of the Holdrege paper where I describe my personal experiences with math that led to my pursuing this field study question.

I also spent the week reformatting (or trying to reformat) my eAlphabet page with mixed success.  My poetry observed entries do not seem to be showing up, which is a bummer because they are great supplementary resources.

The book Number Sense arrived in the mail this week and I will launch into it over next week as it forms the second section that segways from the intro in my paper.   I read portions of Magic Mirrow of M.C. Escher and Fractal Geometry of Nature just to get my cogs turning.

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