Week 5 log

April 29th

  • 1hr of peer review

  • 3 hrs of reading Lord Byron

  • 1hr writing

  • 1hr meditative thinking

April 30th

  • 1hr  Poetry Reading and Interpretation

  • 1.5hr  Seminar: As poetry recycles neurons in conversations between Marjorie Perloff’s poets and Neuro

  • 1.5hr Guest Poet: Lucia Perillo

  • 2hrs reading The Last Myth and My Poets

May 1st

  • 1.5hrs Writing Workshop w/TESC program Methods of Mathematical Physics

  • 3hrs reading My Poets and Neuro

May 2nd

  • 1.5hrs  “Doing Goethean Science: Your Poet”  Weekly explorations of themes from Neuro in relationship to the poet of student’s choice modeled on Maureen McLane’s My Poets

  • 2hrs of reading Lord Byrons compleat works

  • 1hr of reading Lord Byron and the Ruins of Paridise

May 3rd

  • 4hrs on the old hilltop ward park exploring the grounds and finding some of the most fantastic views of the mountains I’d ever seen. took photos, wrote some quick bits of poetry. All in Lakewood, WA.

  • 0.5hr in steilacoom exploring the tiny place before we left

  • 2 hr writing and meditating at old docks in Hoquiam, WA

May 4th

  • 3hrs on Lynda.com working on Photoshop Techniques

  • 4hrs shifting through photos from yesterdays trip and editing them in PS CS6, utilizing new things learned through Lynda.com

May 5th

  • 3hrs reading Nuro and Perloff

  • 1hr typing up work from journal

  • 2hrs working on photoshop work

  • .5hrs doing wordpress work

Total Hours this week: 42 hours

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About Crystal Poor

I am a crafty and creative woman who is interested in poetry, art, long walks on beaches, and poking dead things on beaches with a stick. I have in recent years graduated from The Evergreen State College, got married, and am leading a fairly productive life outside in the world I love. It isn't always rainbows and butterflies but it's a good life, and I will keep creating things for as long as I live.

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